Management & Staff

Booking inquiries for musical and literary performances must be submitted to: contact@cityofasylumpittsburgh.org. Materials submitted in-person or by phone will not be considered.


StaffHenryR. Henry Reese
Co-Founder and President
Email: rhreese@cityofasylumpittsburgh.org

StaffDianeDiane Samuels
Email: dsamuels@cityofasylumpittsburgh.org


Abby Lembersky
Director of Programs
Email: alembersky@cityofasylumpittsburgh.org

Karla Lamb
Senior Program Manager /Volunteer Coordinator
Email: klamb@cityofasylumpittsburgh.org

Khalil Zeigler
Program Coordinator
Email: kzeigler@cityofasylumpittsburgh.org

Alexis Jabour
Production Coordinator
Email: ajabour@cityofasylumpittsburgh.org

Erin Roussel
Manager of Special Projects
Email: eroussel@cityofasylumpittsburgh.org


Tommy Nelson
Director of External Relations
Email: tnelson@cityofasylumpittsburgh.org

AmStaffAmyy Gilligan
Director of Finance & Operations
Email: agilligan@cityofasylumpittsburgh.org

Tuhin Das
Email: tdas@cityofasylumpittsburgh.org

Victoria Peechatt
Administrative & Development Assistant
Email: vpeechatt@cityofasylumpittsburgh.org


LesStaffLesleyley Rains
Bookstore Manager
Email: lrains@cityofasylumpittsburgh.org

Jennifer Kraar
Children’s Bookseller
Email: jkraar@cityofasylumpittsburgh.org

Unsolicited booking requests for jazz and literature performances will only be considered through contact@cityofasylumpittsburgh.org. Our events are primarily curated in-house and we have limited capacity for unsolicited requests, so please wait 60 days before inquiring about the status of your request.

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