Tam O’Shanter Drawing Session: Mark My Words

Saturday, January 21, 2017 @ 1 p.m.
Free RSVP 2017-01-21 1 p.m. 2017-01-21 America/New_York Tam O’Shanter Drawing Session: Mark My Words 40 W. North Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15212 Alphabet City

Join us for a drawing workshop hosted by the Carnegie Museum of Art. 

Wite-Out and red pens in hand, mark up, scribble, and ornament the document!

An ode to the art of the edit, this session is led by Karen Kelly and Barbara Schröder of Dancing Foxes Press, publishers and editors of the creative team for Carnegie Int’l, 57th ed., 2018. After a little lesson on how to draw editing and proofreading symbols, participants will amend and adorn iconic written passages from such fields as law, science, and journalism.

Tam O’Shanter Drawing Sessions

Tam o’shanter hat drawing

These creative sessions are for those who draw and for those who don’t. Explore contemporary art through improvised forms of drawing with artists and organizers of the 2018 Carnegie International. Sketching, doodling, cartooning, mapping, writing, and marking are among the many modes that will bring us together.

Named after the original art classes for young people that Carnegie Museum of Art has been holding since 1929; the tam o’shanter, or tam, is a Scottish beret—oft adorned by a pompom.


Register for this event at the Carnegie Museum of Art   event site. 

Event Details

January 21, 2017 @ 1 p.m.
40 W. North Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15212

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