The Show Must Go On(line)

City of Asylum is excited to announce a new virtual home for the arts in Pittsburgh.

The Show Must Go On(line) Pittsburgh is our region’s first shared programming channel. It is a collaborative daily webcast that unites and streams programs by Pittsburgh’s arts organizations. By bringing these creative forces together, The Show Must Go On(line) provides free access to high quality, regularly scheduled  programs to connect artists and audiences and continue to build community around the arts.

City of Asylum has long been a home for presenting organizations large and small and artists of diverse artistic genres. This shared platform moves that home online, and allows us to continue fulfilling our mission to celebrate creative freedom of expression.

Ways to Watch

All programs on The Show Must Go On(line) channel are streamed via the website Crowdcast. You can register for access via the “Register Now” buttons below.

We recommend using a laptop or desktop with the Chrome browser. If you’d like to use a mobile device we recommend downloading the Crowdcast app. We’ve prepared tutorials, tips, and tricks on using the Crowdcast app

All programs are streamed at 7:00 PM.
Missed a program? Don’t worry—all programs will remain archived and accessible on The Show Must Go On(line) Crowdcast page.

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A complete calendar can be downloaded here.

Celebration of Toi Derricotte “I”: New and Selected Poems

Presented by City of Asylum
Run time: 45 minutes

In April 2019 City of Asylum was honored to host a Celebration of Toi Derricotte to accompany the launch of her memoir “I”: New and Selected Poems. Toi has been a friend and frequent performer at City of Asylum for many years and her packed, powerhouse April reading did not disappoint. 

This program presents highlights from Toi’s celebratory book launch and some of her othe City of Asylum performances throughout the years (including some wow-ing Jazz Poetry collaborations). We also catch up with Toi to discuss how she’s found community in quarantine and her belief that raising up one’s voices is more important now than ever before. 

“I”: New and Selected Poems shows the reader both the closeness of the enemy and the poet’s inherent courage, inventiveness, and joy. It is a record of one woman’s response to the repressive and fracturing forces around the subjects of race, class, color, gender, and sexuality. Each poem is an act of victory, finding a path through repressive forces to speak with both beauty and truth.

Off Minor Jazz Series Way Out West

Presented by City of Asylum
Run time: 45 minutes

Sonny Rollins’ 1957 album Way Out West introduced the technique he called “strolling”, in which he would solo over only bass and drums, without a pianist. This intimate, pared-down ensemble format would become a Rollins signature, and a new go-to ensemble format for jazz groups to follow.

The Off Minor Jazz Series paid tribute to Sonny Rollins and the heydey of mid-century jazz at City of Asylum March 2019—and jazz fans are still talking about the superb concert. 

Join us to revisit Off Minor’s rendition of Way Out West from City of Asylum’s archives and hear Thomas Wendt provide his now signature behind-the-scenes commentary on these one-time-only improvisations and the evening’s unique chemistry. 

The Off-Minor Jazz series is a monthly season of thematic concerts performed at City of Asylum @ Alphabet City.  The series highlights the music of legendary jazz composers and players, and represents a style rarely played in commercial venues. Curated by drummer Thomas Wendt, the series features specialized musicians for each concert. 

Cello Diary

Presented by Attack Theatre
Run time: 60 minutes

Cello Diary is a virtual dance-making project that grew out of isolation. When the shelter-at-home order began back in March, the dancers of Attack Theatre quickly got to work creating a series of dance films, focusing on a new inspiration each week. With concept and direction by Peter Kope and Michele de la Reza and music from cellist and composer Dave Eggar, the five-episode series explores the process of making dance when physical contact is not an option.

Join the creators of Cello Diary for a conversation about the process of creating new group work alone in a time of social isolation as they share excerpts from select episodes.

Clown vs. Puppet

Presented by New Hazlett Theater
Run time: 60 minutes

Two horrible candidates are both running to be the president of our great nation! Nobody likes it! But they are the only options left and we have to pick one! In fact YOU have to pick one! Because at the end of the show the audience gets to vote for the least worst option! Introducing our candidates! Boo!

Clown can balance things on his nose, he can juggle, he can tie himself in knots, he has long skinny legs, and funny socks. He doesn’t know where a lot of things are or how to do important stuff! He wants to be president because he thinks he’ll get to wear a big fancy hat!

On the other side his opponent Puppet! Puppet is a pig! He can pop out his eyeballs, make up stories, songs, and terrible lies, he can talk in funny voices, dance on thin air, and then disappear into a suitcase. He wants to be president so he can be the one pulling the strings!

O’Ryan The O’Mazing (Clown) and Dave English (Puppet) reprise their roles in an ongoing absurdist political campaign between two hapless and at times malevolent politicians campaigning to win the presidency of the United States. Launched in the fall of 2019 “Clown Vs Puppet 2020” toured small theaters drumming up rust belt votes from people who suddenly matter- and making them laugh! Audiences roll with laughter at each performance as Clown and Puppet tackle the issues debate style with moderators and rowdy participants from the crowd! The content is ever changing as Clown and Puppet both do their level best to compete with the real-life buffoonery of the current events they satirize.

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